Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reading bugs

Well, as usual, it has been a minute since I wrote here. Things have been busy.

Been working on lots of Miracle Diapers stuff. They have some awesome auction (not just for diapers) that you should stop by and check out. I am thinking up some of my stuff to add there too. Maybe a logo design and a couple of collages.

I start school here soon too. Through New York Institute of Photography, majoring in photography of course.

I am only updating because I stole a minute just now. Rog is downstairs playing ball with both girls.

Lilly and I worked on reading today. I didn't really plan it out much. I just pulled a few books off the shelf and we read while she ate breakfast. She actually knew/sounded out quite a few words. It was pretty sweet since she has never really had any formal teaching. I think that is what I love the most.

Marti is reading away too. We recently got some Mary Kate and Ashley detective books from a thrift store for really cheap and she just ate those up. We seem to be running out of fairy books at the libraries. She has read all of the Fairy Realm books and the Fairy Chronicles books so we are keeping our eyes open for new ones. She is really loving the Mary Kate and Ashley ones at the moment too.

Marti has been getting kindda grumpy lately, especially with Lilly and tonight we had another talk. I had the idea that since she is a physical touch person that as soon as she comes downstairs from playing on the computer (which she has free access to) she will get a hug (unless she doesn't want one, of course) to help bring her back into "our world". Don't misread me here though. There are plenty of times that we join her world too (fairies, computer games, you name it), just so you don't think we are always trying to make her join us.

Well, I should get back to the family!!!