Friday, May 15, 2015

Picture Me Baby! Two Months Old!

At two months old I...
-think they are calling my baby acne eczema now. Which means mom probably has something she needs to cut from her diet. She's not looking forward to that.
-still fuss a lot. Maybe it's because of the tongue tie. I go to get it fixed next week so we will see...
-nurse better, but I'm still having difficulties with my latch.
-still have cradle cap. Mama will let it go away on its own.
-am trying really hard to roll from back to belly. I've almost got it!
-still love music
-must be wrapped in my "baby burrito" (aka Miracle Blanket) in order to sleep or I will smack myself in the face.
-am about 11 pounds now and am 23 inches long.

Here is my two month shoot (which was much harder than my one month shoot). We picked Avengers since Age Of Ultron came out this month. My dad and sisters got to see it in the theatre, but mama stayed home with me. Thor isn't anyone's favorite, but he was the easiest to pull off since we already had the cape!