Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lilly dancing

It was really cute just now.

Rog put on a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers and told Lilly she might like the song.

"What's it called," Lilly asked.
"Californication," Rog answerd.
"No way!" was Lilly's reply.

About 30 seconds into the song she started swaying back and forth to the music, moving mainly her shoulders. Then a few more seconds later she was using her entire upper body to dance. By one minute into the song she was on her feet and moving.

Often I think she doesn't even hear the words. She just gets up and invites the music to take over her body.


Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, it's only been about a month since I updated :)

We haven't done a whole lot, aside from living our everyday lives. I got sick with a sinus infection that had me on the couch for 4 day and kind of out of it for another 5 or 6. The antibiotics didn't really seem to work the magic they were supposed to (though they probably helped) and my body fought off the rest over time. Could have saved the doctor bill I guess. Oh well.

We have been spending a lot of time at the YMCA. We go to "open swim" about once a week and then the girls each have a swimming class that they attend.

Lilly's dance class ended the last week of April and she had a recital on May 2nd that went awfully for her because some other girl kept taking her spot and she didn't know what to do. I wasn't a very happy camper and neither was she so I doubt we will be going back there for dance classes again.

The four of us went and saw Monsters Vs Aliens which was good and we have some money saved up to go see some other movies this summer and to do some other things like going to South Haven and a trip to Michigan Adventure. Thank goodness we paid off all that debt or we would never be able to do all this.

From our daily lives:

Thanks for the airplanes, Aunt Cheryl. Lilly had a blast putting hers together and flying it with Daddy

Lilly made musical instruments out of glasses and cried when we had to dump the water out. This was all her idea, by the way, I just helped her get the glasses. She even filled up the water level to where she wanted it, tested it and would either drink some or put some more in depending on what sound she wanted.

The girls got to visit a friend who had baby chicks too.

They had fun playing in the Styrofoam that came with something that we bought. Can't remember for the life of me what it was that we bought though, lol!

And just recently Lil had a blast pouring baby powder all over the bathroom and then making snow angels in it. Rog had actually "caught" her doing it and gave an exasperated "Oh, Lil", but because he is generally a gruff sort of person when it comes to that sort of thing she thought she was in trouble and hid under the blanket. I tried to talk her out by asking her things like "Did you have fun?" and "Did you put powder all over the bathroom?". I finally brought her out with a passion when I asked her if she made it pretty. She came out immediately and dragged me to the bathroom to show me her beautiful angel. It was such a great experience.

And just the other day the girls got their hair cut.



C-ya next time!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter around here

Short little update.

Things have been going well. I can't complain really. We paid off some massive debt ($6,300) with our tax return this year and now we have a bit of money to spare. That has felt nice. It's kindda opposite of what everyone around us is feeling, which is weird. We were able to save to buy an Acer laptop, which has been nice so that there aren't so many "who gets the computer" related fights around here. We have also set money aside for Christmas (for the first time EVER!), for going to Michigan Adventure this coming summer and just have money in general savings. It feels pretty good. We are still paying on a couple low balance credit cards, plus my New York Institute of Photography schooling and student loans will be coming due fairly shortly, but all in all, I think we are doing well.

For March, I made notes on the calendar about some of the things that we did and wrote them in a little book for a summary.

Lilly has been going to the Drop In Center (a child care center for low income families) quite a lot this year. She gets 6 days per month and she loves being there to play witht he other kids. She only has until November (when she turns 6) to keep going so we are sending her as often as we can.

Marti started a story telling class at the Civic during the last weeks of February and went on through March. She had a story telling performance where her class performed "The Pied Piper" just over a week ago. She had a blast and will be taking Singing for Actors in the summer at the civic.

Which reminds me. We got a membership to the YMCA here in town and we have been going swimming 2-3 times a week which is a lot of fun. The girls will hopefully each be starting a swimming class here very shortly.

They also have a gymnastics class available this summer through the city that each of them want to take. So, lots of fun things coming up.

In March our family friend, Nicole, took the girls to Bounceland, which is an indoor place where they have a bunch of inflatable things that kids can climb on. It's an exhausting place for adults, but the kids adore it!

We also are seeing the Spring Matinees at the local theatre. We missed the first one or two weeks and we are missing this weeks as well, but we have seen Madagascar 2, Igor, Kung Fu Panda, and Horton Hears A Who. This week we are missing Tale of Desperaux, which the girls did want to see so we will defintely have to rent it.

The week that we were going to see Igor, Marti didn't want to go. We discovered (through talking with her) that it was because she felt like we were taking away her video game time, which she has been very protective of lately. So that led to us giving each of the girls a choice day where they can decide to do whatever they like. This past week it got forgetten about, but I will have to work to correct that so that Marti doesn't feel the need to protect her video game time so tightly.

We also got to visit with Marti's best friend on the 16th of March. Marti, Lilly and Gwen have started a nature club which Gwen's backyard is perfect for and now the girls want to move closer to Gwen :)

And the whole reason I started this post...

I <3 unschooling.

Yesterday we did the Easter basket thing around here. I bought probably $10-15 (I would guess closer to $15) worth of candy for Easter so they would have plenty of candy for awhile. So, you can see a change in my way of thinking right there. This holiday was an excuse to buy candy (not that I needed one, but I went out of my way to buy "plenty of candy"). I also bought other little (non candy) things for their Easter basket. Lilly found hers first. I bought heart shaped stones that look very similar to the heart that the main characters where in the Barbie movie, Diamond Castle. The girls were super excited about it and then Marti went looking for hers and several times we heard groans because she would open an egg and find chocolate. How funny is that??? LOL!

Finally, all the eggs were opened and the biggest hit of all were the heart shaped stones, the eggs that I had bought that has various stones in them, the magnifying glasses I had bought them to go along with their nature club and the flashlights that were bought for the same purpose. They kept shinning their flashlight on the stones and looking at them through the magnifying glass. :)

Oh, and the Kiwi story. When I was writing the above story I remembered another story. The girls were recently at the store spending their allowences. Lilly had picked out what she had wanted and still had a little left over. Usually when that happens we go for candy so we were walking down the candy aisle at the store when I remembered that she had recently said that she wanted more kiwi. I recently had bought a kiwi and she had loved it. So, I asked if she wanted Kiwi instead and the answer was a resounding "Yes!". Don't get me wrong, I didn't ask her to distract her from the candy at all. Also, I would have bought it for her, but she loved the idea of being able to buy it herself. When we got over to the produce selection she decided on two Kiwi and a package of strawberries (that were on sale). I love my fruit and veggie girl! :)

So, that's our life over the last 6 weeks or so...

Next time I will try not to stay away too long.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What Marti was saying...

We were driving down the road and Marti was noticing all the "empty space" around us, like parking lots and yards that belonged to businesses. She thought that it was an awful waste of space. She said that they should at least plant more trees or something.

I couldn't stop the tears. It was a proud moment. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorting Money & Other Adventures

I thought maybe I just write this down real quick because I hardly ever seem to be able to keep this blog up and by the time I get to it, I forget what I need to write.

The other day we went to a local chinese buffet for dinner. At the end, the girls both wanted dessert, which they very rarely finish. That particular night (I think it was Monday) Lilly had like 5 bites of her ice cream. She pushes it away, looks up at me and says (while holding her belly), "Mom, I need some *real* food. I want a salad." Gotta love hearing that.

Marti the other day said something that brought tears to my eyes. I will have to ask Rog what it was because I can't remember at the moment.

We have been playing lots of SUPER Mastermind lately, which the girls have been having a ton of fun with. They are both addicted to that game. We modify the rules a bit because Lilly is quite young, but she is awfully good at it. Here is a picture of her getting the code on the second try.
And finally what I sat down to write about was actually that Lilly was sorting play money today. Usually she strews it everywhere, walks around and hands it to people so they can buy things, etc. Today she put the ones in the first "slot", the fives in the second, the tens in the third and the twenties in the fourth "slot". She said she was sorting it like they do at Wal-Mart. :)

She then proceeded to sort the coins, though she needed a bit of help knowing which spot to put them. She had them arranged in order of size, which actually makes complete sense. While sorting ones she even notieced that George Washington was on the $1 bill. They had talked about George Washington at the Drop In Center on Tuesday so I thought that was kindda cool. After she was finished sorting, she handed out the money. :)

Oh, and I just found this and thought it was cool. These were the families that Lilly made up with the dolls at the museum. I thought it was pretty cool that *all* of the families were interracial. She didn't do it on purpose. It was just kindda random, but still really cool.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Science Experiment & explaination

This was our craft project/science experiment for the day on Thursday.

We got the recipie out of this book...
Better Homes and Gardens Make Believe (Fun-to-Do Project Books)
We liked it so much we ordered it from Paperback Swap

By the way, Paperback Swap is an awesome, awesome book swapping site for those who LOVE to read. You should check it out!

1 package of Kool-Aid
1/2 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Cold Water
Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Liter of carbonated lemon lime beverage

Mix the Kool-Aid, Water, and Sugar in a pitcher. Then mix in the lemon lime beverage
Put the ice cream in your cups and pour the mixture over the ice cream.

P.S. I used my own words. I know the measurements are right but I don't have the book's instructions right here in front of me.


So, you probably want to know what's up with all the watermarks, huh? These pics aren't even that good, right? Well, you're right, but I came across some interesting information recently. I can seem to recall the link at the moment, but because we live in a disturbing world, there are people out there who steal pictures (and not just professional pictures) and put them on other sites. Recently I ran across a website who had her daughter's picture stolen and put up as an Orkut profile. So, really, it is for the safety of my girls that I watermark them. I hope everyone understands.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's the new year

I have been taking pictures, but not posting them. LOL! So, this is just going to be a spattering of things we've been up to over the last 6 months or so.

Lilly was playing in the water in the sink. She loves to make bubbles.

The girls making patterns

This one is from Marti's birthday party (in July). We went to Bounceland.

Summer fun with bubbles

Meeting long awaited cousin Jabari (in July)

We did the Diet Coke & Mentos experiment

This is the girls washing the kitchen floor. I did not ask them to do this. They offered.

The girls playing in flour

Lilly making a plate person

Lilly being a rubber band princess

Lilly making berry pie this past summer. The berries, however, made her hands itch. Uh-oh! Not too bad though. She was fine after she washed up.

Marti bike riding. She learned to ride without training wheels this past summer.

The girls flying kites

One day, the girls wouldn't eat dinner with us. It was no big deal really. But Rog and I (since we thought we were going to be eating alone) lit up some candles and the girls joined us. It was pretty cool.

Marti in her fairy princess halloween costume.

Marti took a make up class in October. Our friend Nicole was her teacher.

Lilly didn't want pics in her halloween costume. She dressed up in other stuff and let me snap away.

Lilly and her BFF at Lilly's birthday party

And a photoshoot with one of her presents from her birthday

This was cool. Rog and I were doing dishes. The girls thought it was cool that the yellow bowl turned the water yellow and the blue turned the water blue.

In this picture Lilly tore up a load of kleenexes to cover up snowflake because "he was cold"

The girls LOVE to play this game, Mastermind

And finally, a picture of Marti, Lilly and her cousins Izik and Tommy.

We had more "professional" type shoots in the last 6 months that you can see at, if you wish.