Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not Much Happening-Rant about furcadia

We didn't have a whole lot happening this past week, I guess. We have been working on making Christmas presents this week and of course playing lots and lots of video games. Marti's latest game that she has checked out from the library is called Harvest Moon and it actually looks really fun and I am looking forward to playing it myself. She hasn't been on Furcadia as much as she used to. From what she has explained to me, it is getting harder and harder to find nice people there. No complaints here, not after someone claimed to be a murderer recently.

Some might ask why I didn't pull the game away from her if that was happening and I did think about that, but I decided I wanted to let her make her own decisions regarding that game. She really liked it and I didn't want her to look back with anger.

In my vision, I can see her stumbling upon the game 10 years from now. Now, there are of course many, many outcomes possible, but two that crossed my mind were...
1. She looks back on the game and feels completely awful because I made her stop playing. There is tons of renewed anger that not only caused damage the first time (I mean obviously caused damage because she is angry about it now, not to mention the fighting and tears the first time around), but is causing damage at 17 as well.
OR 2. She looks back on the game and has fond memories of her mom "letting" her play even though mom was not fond of the game for a time (yes, I expressed to her that I was very upset about the "murderer" comment.

I decided to choose option 2.

Now that I went on and on about that, I did remember one pretty fun thing that we did this past week. We had a co-op with our local homeschool group (that are not unschoolers) where we learned how to do felted wool soap. We took a bar of soap and felted the wool to go around the soap so that it had a "built in" loofa of sorts which was also exfoliating. I forgot to bring the camera, but maybe I will take a pic of the soaps.

I think that is it for this week. See you all later.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Pics and more

We don't have too many pics for this week. Our gator and fish seem to have stopped growing and the girls decided that they will make good bath toys. Maybe they will grow bigger in the tubs.

We do however have pics that I have forgotten to post at various times.

Here are some science experiments from the beginning of November.

Static Electricity:

Making Music:

Marti rolling a book on the floor with straws (friction)

Here is Lilly reading by flashlight in the dark (of course, it doesn't LOOK dark because the flash was on, but I assure you, that is what she was doing.

Here are some pics of Marti designing a "Happy Birthday" book for me last Thursday on www.seussville.com as well as some other stories.

This is Lilly from early this morning playing with her new book that she got for her birthday from her grandma. It's got a "Lite Brite" at the top and the book shows you how to spell words with the pegs. Very cool.

And here she is with her camera from her aunt Mallory.

Finally, here are their Christmas pictures that I took this afternoon. Marti had two really good ones. Lilly was not into it today too much so we got one okay one. Then there is one of the girls together.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This week

We have had a busy week. We got tons of advice on "meeting needs". I will share them at some point, but for today I wanted to get some pictures posted of this past week.

On Friday of last week, we had some friends over. Things were kindda crazy around here with 6 kids 7 & under running around, but it was a lot of fun too. Marti helped me pick up the house before they got here (without arguments) and we made chocolate muffins to give to our friends while they were here. All the kids (well, not little Maggie) had a blast jumping on the trampoline too. Here is a picture.

Lilly actually had a really hard time with this and didn't stay on for too awfully long because she wanted to control/direct everyone's jumping.

On Saturday we put up the Christmas tree. Here is a pic of the girls with their bulbs that their grandma had made for each of them.

Marti wasn't fascinated with decorating this year like she has been in the past. Most of the time that we were decorating she was playing video games with her friend Hannah who was over for awhile. Can't blame her. I probably should have planned decorating for when friends WEREN'T over, but she didn't seem upset or seem like she felt she had to choose between the two options.

Sunday we put together a couple experiments. First was the Naked Egg experiment.
Here is our egg freshly put into the vinegar, 8am

Here is our egg 13 hours later

And here it is at 7:30am the next morning

Soon after that pic I drained the vinegar and was going to see if the liquid in the egg would come out due to osmosis, but Lilly decided that the greater experiment would be "how much pressure applied to the egg membrane will make the membrane break". So now we just need to get another egg into some vinegar and try again!

We also put the alligator and fish back in distilled water on Sunday.
So, this is Sunday...


Tuesday... (we couldn't find the red fish at first, but we found it yesterday)

We also got to make bread mix (we put all the dry bread ingredients into ziplocs for quick breadmaking) and Lilly wrote "Bread" on every back. On the first bag I told her every letter and then she wrote that letter. On the second bag, she said "B?" I said, "Yep, B." She said "R?" I said "Yep. R." and so on. She forgot the letter "A". The third, forth and fifth bags she spelled out bread and I confirmed each letter. Here she is with her first bag.

On Monday we got our first really good ground covering snow here and the girls went out to play (yes, without coats).

We also made chicken noodle soup for lunch with homemade egg noodles and the egg noodle dough was shaped a little like Alaska which we thought was kindda cute!

Finally, on Tuesday we went to visit another friend and had a blast. While we were at their house they brought out their hairless albino rat named Remu (pronounced Rema) and Marti got to hold her. Marti said "it felt very nice to hold a rat. I've never held a rat before."

I think this week I will try and post a bit more often so I don't have such a long post all at once.