Wednesday, August 13, 2008

July is gone already???

Okay, I have been meaning to write here and at the sparkly blog for weeks, but WOW!

July flew past me.

In July we had my eldest's birthday party at Bounceland on the 13th which was a TON of fun!!!

We had a family friend die around the time of Marti's birthday party and his funeral was on the 16th. There were family friends that came up from Arkansas from the funeral, which we only see maybe once per year so it was exciting to see them again and sad to see them go.

We attended my nephews' birthday party on the 19th, as well. They are brothers born almost exactly (save for one day) 4 years apart.

I had taken the pictures for both parties and after the funeral, which had to be processed. I also did a maternity shoot on the 16th as well, which of course needed to be processed.

And the list goes on. It doesn't actually seem like that much when I write it down, but it had me wiped out, I'll tell you. Plus, usually my mom takes the girls at least once a month for the weekend, but that didn't happen in July so I didn't even have time to post a little something about being busy, lol!

Hopefully I will get back to a somewhat normal schedule soon. Although if you don't see me here, check over at this blog, and that might provide some explanation.

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