Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorting Money & Other Adventures

I thought maybe I just write this down real quick because I hardly ever seem to be able to keep this blog up and by the time I get to it, I forget what I need to write.

The other day we went to a local chinese buffet for dinner. At the end, the girls both wanted dessert, which they very rarely finish. That particular night (I think it was Monday) Lilly had like 5 bites of her ice cream. She pushes it away, looks up at me and says (while holding her belly), "Mom, I need some *real* food. I want a salad." Gotta love hearing that.

Marti the other day said something that brought tears to my eyes. I will have to ask Rog what it was because I can't remember at the moment.

We have been playing lots of SUPER Mastermind lately, which the girls have been having a ton of fun with. They are both addicted to that game. We modify the rules a bit because Lilly is quite young, but she is awfully good at it. Here is a picture of her getting the code on the second try.
And finally what I sat down to write about was actually that Lilly was sorting play money today. Usually she strews it everywhere, walks around and hands it to people so they can buy things, etc. Today she put the ones in the first "slot", the fives in the second, the tens in the third and the twenties in the fourth "slot". She said she was sorting it like they do at Wal-Mart. :)

She then proceeded to sort the coins, though she needed a bit of help knowing which spot to put them. She had them arranged in order of size, which actually makes complete sense. While sorting ones she even notieced that George Washington was on the $1 bill. They had talked about George Washington at the Drop In Center on Tuesday so I thought that was kindda cool. After she was finished sorting, she handed out the money. :)

Oh, and I just found this and thought it was cool. These were the families that Lilly made up with the dolls at the museum. I thought it was pretty cool that *all* of the families were interracial. She didn't do it on purpose. It was just kindda random, but still really cool.

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