Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Goal: No complaining & More pics

A few of my friends and I are working on 21 days of no complaining. Man, what a chore it is becoming. Monday was day one. Tuesday was day one. Today was day two. Tomorrow is day one again, lol!

What we are doing is based on these websites.
Watch Your Language
Going Complaint Free

I was also reading on Sandra Dodd's website yesterday or the day before on her "Parenting Peacefully" page and stumbled on a quote by Ren Allen that finally made me "get" how to get myself to change for the better.

"I think in previous times, I was always fighting myself to try and change. That doesn't work so well. Mindfulness does change what you react to, but it happens so quietly and naturally you hardly realize it. A moment happens that is so drastically different than how you would have reacted in the past and it's almost like a slap (a good slap) and you're thinking "WOW"."

I even had a discussion with my best friend about these subjects last night that was ME giving HER advice, but I think that it was just as enlightening for me because now I know that I DO "get it".

Here is a couple more pictures of our local happenings.

This is the girls enjoying our latest Freecycle gift, a 15ft trampolene. They adore it of course!

And here is Marti last night showing off the Sudoku that she completed (with my help). We worked on one of these a few months ago and I am ashamed to say I pushed her too much, but this one she accomplished with no pressure.

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Jenny said...

WOW, that trampoline looks like fun!