Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Holidays

I could tell you all that we have been busy around here the last few weeks and that is why I haven't posted, but I bet you already know.

Our Christmas and New Years were both good. My great grandfather who is nearly 80 went into the hospital on Christmas Eve and unfortunately came out with hospice so we are all spending lots of time with him.

As usual, we documented the last few weeks with pictures and will be putting together the pictures and videos from June 2007-December 2007 on two big DVDs. We have 4.16 Gigs of picturess and 2.57 Gigs of videos.

We wanted to share a few with you all and even a couple videos of us sledding that we took today.

Lets start with talking about the latest video game that we have been playing. It's called Harvest Moon Magical Melody and we got it from our local library. Marti and I both LOVE it. Her favorite thing is to watch me play (which would honestly bore me to death if the roles were switched, but she loves it). Anyway, here is a pic of some of our accomplishments ( you can click on the thumbnail and be taken to a bigger version if you wish.


In the center we are freeing the Harvest Goddess (one of the main goals in the game). From the top clockwise the pics are as follows

-LiLari (our characters name) with our sheep who are named Baaaab (from an episode of Drake and Josh called Sheep Thrills), Acrobat (not named after anything, Marti picked this name), Bella (Bellatrix from Harry Potter) and Cissy (Narcissa from Harry Potter)

-LiLari with our chickens who are named Cormac (after Cormac McClaggen in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince which I had just finished reading), Abbot (Hannah Abbot in Harry Potter), Won Won (what Lavender Brown calls Ron Weasley in HBP) and Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew's nickname in Harry Potter)

-LiLari with the love of her life, Alex, the doctor in the town.

-The Harvest Goddess right before turning from stone back into her regular self.

The other pictures are of different notes we recieved which helped us to free the Goddess. The ones I included in the collage I can't remember the exact names for the notes, but...
the Wild note, the Fodder note, a note for planting a tree, dyeing wool note, brushing note, shearing note for shearing the sheep, the snow note, and the second home note.

This game has been much fun for the both of us and now we are trying to find a way to collect the money to buy it.


This next picture is of my eldest daughter. On this particular day we went to a gathering of my maternal family with whom I am fairly close, but we don't really see much of anymore, like we did when we were kids.

Lilly was on the VERY shy side for the first half of the gathering and I held her most of them time (and as it is usual with family, we got a few snide comments which we completely ignored).

Towards the end of the event Marti decided to go outside with my 12 year old cousin and my 7 year old decided to climb the tree. When I found out, I laughed and went out to take a picture, which is below. My mom loved it too as she happened to be the "Best Tree Climber On The Block" when she was growing up and considering she lived in the country, blocks are VERY big there, lol! My grandpa did tell me to go get her out of the tree and when I refused, he dropped it. Here is the pic.


I personally had a little trouble dealing with Christmas as all my girls wanted to do was play video games. They weren't even that interested in gifts. It was a silly thing that I ended up becoming a martyr over for a few days, but I got over it rather more easily than I have with similar things in the past.

Here are some pics from New Years Eve when we decided (just that afternoon in fact) to go to the beach on Lake Michigan that we often migrate to several times throught the year, especially in the summer.

The Lighthouse

Daddy and Lilly playing Star Wars



AND on the way back home, Marti let her chocolate melt in her hands and ended up rubbing it all over her hands, but it was okay because we were stopping at the store anyway. It took her a full five minutes to get the chocolate off, lol! It felt good to not make a big deal out of this. This unschooling thing is catching on, lol!


New Years Eve Night we had quite a snow. I took pictures in the early hours of morning before dawn (yes, I wake up naturally before dawn on a regular basis WITHOUT an alarm). If you click on the pic, you will see a bigger pic and can even see the moon peaking through the branches. I was able to share this beautiful view with my family through pictures because they all like to sleep later than me.


Later that morning Lilly was playing on Playhouse Disney and made me a picture, so I had to share that too.


And then, even later we all went outside. The girls played in the snow and Roger and I took turns cleaning off the car, shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. Marti started a snowman. The first pic is Marti and Lilly with the bottom of the snowman. The second is of Marti with the middle which she ended up throwing at me because she "didn't like" something I said. It hit me pretty good and we had a good laugh.



And Finally, the videos from today. The first is of both girls going down and "crashing" at the bottom and the second is of Marti attempting a ramp which had been pre-built. Her sled got tripped up on the ramp and she fell face first into the snow. After we got the snow out of her face she was fine. In fact, when she seen the video she cracked up and told me that I should put it up here, so I am.

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