Thursday, May 29, 2014


Last night there was a bat in the house. I tried to get it out, failed and went to sleep in another room. This morning we (hubby, who is third shift and had been at work, and I) couldn't find it. We assumed it got out somehow and he went to bed.

If you google 'bat in the house' you'll felt all kinds of people. People who no longer want to sleep on quilts just in case they have bat saliva and people who go out and get rabies shots, just in case. Lots of helpful how to articles about how to plug up holes will be there too.

We've been in this house for ten years. The first bat was within weeks. We captured it and took it to the "pound" for testing. Couple weeks later, same thing. The third one we tried letting go farther down the road in a more 'country-like' neighborhood. After that we just started capturing them in a box and setting the box on the front porch, lid off so they can go free when they wish.

We thought about calling a relocator, but haven't. I bet if we did another colony would come.

There's bats in our attic. We just keep sealing up holes so they can't get in anymore. Hopefully soon we can have them relocated.

Update: We( my youngest daughter, really) found the bat in between the window panes the next night.

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