Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life with Zayden

Z turned 4 weeks old on Sunday. One month today. It's been a quick 4 weeks/1 month, but I've also done by best to enjoy it. And capture it in pictures! My only baby born in an age where I can capture their face with a phone/device in an instant!

You poor souls get to see!

In the hospital we stayed pretty bed ridden and just cuddled to whole time.

"I wear bow ties now. Bow ties are cool." And superman socks.

Baby burrito

Tummy Time... I think I'll just roll over!

Two Weeks

I'm 2 weeks old! I like to nurse and nurse and nurse and sleep a bit. I fuss when people hold me. Today I visited my Great Grandma Merriam and like with everyone who visits, I fussed until I got to nurse almost the whole time. Grandma did get to love on me a little bit though!

Three Weeks

Three Weeks Old on Easter Sunday! I like to stare at contrasting things, like black frames on a white wall. I love music which my family thinks is awesome! Grandma Gail and Papa Bommer actually got to hold me for a good long while without me screaming! 

Four Weeks

We went on our first long walk today as a family. I enjoyed the scenery (trees against the sky) and the movement but not the sun in my face on the way home. Now my sisters are walking me around the backyard while mom makes dinner.

Stay tuned for my one month pictures!

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