Thursday, April 16, 2015

Picture Me Baby! One Month Old!

Yes, I realize he was a month old yesterday, but he didn't sleep. He fussed all day.

At one month old I...

-still have baby acne.
-fuss a lot. No, literally. If I'm not sleeping or eating, most of the time I'm fussing.
-nurse like I'm trying to wrestle a mountain lion.
-am starting to get cradle cap.
-can roll from my belly to my back... so much for tummy time!
-am really good at holding my head up.
-am finally starting to notice people more. I still love my patterns though!
-love music. It almost always calms me down.

My parents wanted to pick themes for my monthly pictures so the first one is Disney! Daddy made me this Baymax shirt and calls me Zaymax sometimes!

And just because I had it on this morning and it fits with the theme...

Here are just some pretty ones that mama took because she loves to take pictures.

Look at those lashes!!!

Bellybuttons, Noses and Lips. Oh My!