Sunday, April 12, 2015

Zayden's Birth

I have to say... More than anything I really wanted a home birth with this baby for years before I even thought about having another ("if we ever have another", starting when Lilly was like 3).

However... I have to say I really had a really good hospital birth this time around (by choice). Zayden and I had such wonderful people attending us. 🏥

For those who didn't hear the story... All day Saturday I was so tired. I was having contractions, and I knew they were more productive than in the days before, but they weren't regular. Sunday morning, the 15th I woke up at 2am with a start and a weird kick/pop that sent me to the bathroom (it wasn't my water breaking though. I have no clue when that happened). I was supposed to call the office before I went in. I didn't call.

Rog got around and got the girls around. We left for the hospital. At this point the contractions were regular, quick and painful. We got to the hospital and in triage they were almost one right after another already. The nurse wanted me on the bed to check my cervix. I argued with her about not being able to. When she did convince me, there was only a "tiny sliver of cervix left".

What proceeded was insane chaos. I argued with the midwife about not being able to lie on the bed. She stared me down. Lol. The nurse suggested hands and knees. I don't know what I would have done without her. There were like... A hundred other nurses in and out. I assume because things were progressing so quickly.

So, at 2:39 am after 2 or 3 pushes (the midwife asked me to slow down somewhere in there, lol) and quite a bit of screaming from me (which DID not happen with the first two at all), Zayden was born.

The nurses were great about skin to skin and other wishes, though we didn't have time to even pull the birth plan out. Such amazing support staff! The labor and delivery nurse (so much amazing), my first PCA (who dealt awesomely with an issue I was having and got really scared when I almost fainted on her), a couple of my RNs ( <3 ) and my midwife, of course. Must remember to write thank you notes. They were soooo awesome!

The only problems I had were with bleeding. He came so fast that I bled a lot. I had a ton of blood/blood clots after the delivery of the placenta. I lost 1-1.5 L, they said. And my hemoglobin dropped, so low they wanted me to have a transfusion). Rog said I lost a lot of color and he was really worried. I still am a bit pale, but I feel pretty good, considering.

So, if you've read all this... Thanks! I needed to write it all out!

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