Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Longest recovery of my life!

I had Zayden 5 1/2 weeks ago. I lost at least a liter of blood via a post pardum hemorrhage. I'm still not back to my own normal hemoglobin levels. I'm still bruising and I'm exhausted. More than just "having a newborn" tired. I have not bounced back well from his traumatic birth at all.

And now... Gall stones. Ugh! More recovery. And pancreatitis. I'm currently sitting in the hospital, bored out of my mind, without my kiddos, waiting. Waiting for the doctors to tell me what happens next. 

The pain started Monday at 12:30 in the afternoon. Motrin 800 got rid of the pain until the next morning. By 10:30 Tuesday morning I was in tears! I went into immediate care and waited. They said gall stones in my bile ducts, gave me pain meds and I waited. They transferred me to the big hospital in my town (the small hospital has a lesser wait time... Usually) and I got to ride in an ambulance. Woo hoo! Got to the hospital and waited. Noticing a theme?

At the main hospital they told me that I was facing a surgery and they would go through my throat to remove the stones, but first... More waiting. Oh, and no eating. I really wish I had eaten lunch before we left! I've had an ultrasound that confirmed the presence of stones, but did not find any stones in the ducts. So now they are saying that there will be no surgery, but I still can't eat. Thirty hours and counting. They are talking about no eating for a couple days! Now, I'm not food obsessed. I don't eat all that much, but holy cow am I hungry!!!

Currently I'm waiting again. Waiting on the doctors to tell me how long I have to be here and how long I have to go without eating. I'm on morphine for pain. I sort of just wish they'd give me something to make me sleep through the next couple days.

I miss my husband. I miss my kids. I miss my bed. Here's a picture of all of those things (courtesy of Belle Rose Photography). Because... Pictures. That's why.

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